We supply the outdoor radio and indoor wireless router for your Internet and monitor these to provide you the best possible solution. 

As not all houses can be covered by a single AP we also offer a whole of house WiFi solution which is centrally managed.

All Wireless Routers we supply feature 5 ethernet ports, dual band WiFi, both 2.4GHz and 5GHz AC standards. Our top of the line wireless router models are also WiFi 6 capable. 

You can request an equipment only quote and have your own electrician do the installation or have us quote the entire job. 

Equipment only kits start from $250 + GST.

Our installation charges are based on the real cost of a professional install – we do not subsidise the install by having you commit to a long term plan nor rely on additional data charges to help recoup costs.   

Our goal is to be upfront with the costs and to offer economic long term service.

Mounting Hardware:

Outdoor 800mm Aerial Roof mount $79 + GST
Cat6/6a cable $2.50 + GST/metre
Cat6a RJ45 Shielded Plug $5 + GST each
Lightning Arrestor $45 + GST