FIBRE – We supply UFB Fibre service nationwide. Martinborough UFB rollout is happening now – call us and book your connection.

We supply VDSL connections nationwide – the  monthly cost is $86 + GST. Wiring charges may apply if a technician is required to call.


5Mbps, 500 Megabits/month  Data Cap,  $55 + GST/month.  Speed reduces on reaching monthly data cap. Designed for security monitoring and clients with low usage. Not recommended for clients wanting streaming services.


10Mbps No Data Cap, Reasonable Use Policy $75 + GST/month


20Mbps, No Data Cap, Reasonable Use Policy $100 + GST/month


40Mbps, No Data Cap, Reasonable Use Policy $150 + GST/month – availability of this is site specific – please contact us and we can check if it can be delivered to your site.


100Mbps, No DataCap, 1 Fixed IP, Reasonable Use Policy $150 + GST/Month
Available around the Martinborough Memorial Square Only.


200Mbps, No DataCap, 1 Fixed IP, Reasonable Use Policy $200 + GST/Month
Available around the Martinborough Memorial Square Only.

Residential and commercial plans with higher speeds are available, but subject to a technical inspection.

  • Terms & Conditions
    • When you agree to join there is a 12 month initial term, then month by month with one full months notice.
    • All plans have a committed info rate of 2.5Mbps. Plan speeds represent maximal info rate.
    • If you require a public IP address this can be added for $10 + GST /month
    • An Automatic Payment Authority is required for your connection
    • The outdoor equipment, router and injector is your property once paid for and comes with a 12 month warranty.  Damage or loss is the clients responsibility.
    • Pre-configured self install kits are available. The kit consists of an outdoor aerial and indoor dual band router. See our Hardware Packages page.
    • We do not permit hosting services on residential connections.
    • If you  have security cameras on the network please be aware they may affect your usage profile if their video feed is substantial or consistent.
    • A re-connection fee of $50 + GST applies should you temporarily disconnect or get disconnected for non-payment. Please note you must give one month”s notice for disconnection.
    • In the event of power outage your routers will not work unless powered via a UPS. We do not recommend reliance on VoIP or WiFi calling for calling emergency services. If you or any member of your property is reliant on continual service please let us know and we can work with you to provide continued coverage in the event of localised power outage at your property.
    • Where a second Wireless connection is provided to your own property we offer discounted plans for this purpose based on expected usage – e.g home plus workshop etc. The secondary connections for your property must all be billed to one account to get the discount.
    • All plans subject to our reasonable use policy