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Wireless Rural Broadband

In 2017, The journey began with a simple yet profound need - broadband access in Stu's rural workshop. Fueled by this necessity, he embarked on a mission to bridge the gap. Thus, Martinborough Internet was born, starting from humble beginnings above Puruatanga Rd in Martinborough.

Driven by the growing demand for connectivity, Stu swiftly expanded the networks coverage, reaching out to Tora, Longbush, Ruakokapatuna, Te Awaiti, Tuturumuri, and beyond. As the demand continued to surge, Stu diligently added more sites across Martinborough, nurturing the network's growth.

In late 2023, a pivotal moment arrived as Stu was approached by Scott and Mel Bensemann with an opportunity to combine forces with Teletronics. Fast forward to October 2023, the collaboration was sealed, Martinborough Internet, Stu Campbell, and Teletronics have now joined forces to revolutionize your local broadband experience.


Our goal? To provide you with nothing short of exceptional services and ensure Wairarapa receives nothing but the absolute best in high-speed broadband and unparalleled local support.


Stu has moved to a network support role, stationed right here in Martinborough, while the Teletronics team is at the ready, to assist whenever you need them. By pooling our network resources, we're cranking up the service vehicles, renegotiating with suppliers to get better deals, and introducing exciting new services like Radio and IoT to enhance your broadband offerings.

At the core of our journey lies a commitment to connectivity, community, and innovation.

Join us as we continue to provide a network that connects and empowers our region.
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