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Installation Guide

Free Standard Installation

A typical standard install can take 3 hours.

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We supply the outdoor radio (Subscriber unit) and indoor wireless router for your Internet and manage these to provide you the best possible solution. 

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All Wireless Routers we supply feature:

  • minimum 4 Ethernet ports

  • dual band WiFi

  • both 2.4GHz and 5GHz AC standards

  • Our top of the line wireless router models are also WiFiWave2 or WiFi6 capable. 

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Not all houses can be covered by a single wireless router.

For this we also offer a Whole house WiFi solution which is centrally managed. We can discuss these options at the time of the install,

Non Standard installs:

  • Installs that cannot be mounted on the main house.

  • Installs with long cable runs or Wireless bounces.

  • These will be quoted before installation is booked.

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